Usb Rechargeable Auto Penis Pump for Enlargement and Training

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Easy to use, on and off air release buttons, auto vacuum penis enlargement and traning.pump. Bigger Penis, stronger and prolonged erection. Keep your penis in shape at any time. One of the reasons that men suffer from premature ejaculation is the fact that they dont get 3 times per week sex. Luck of sex can cause premature ejaculation. Lets work-out then with this automatic electric penis pump as frequent as possible.
Enjoy your sexual pleasure to a new height! This automatic penis pump is designed to gently suck blood into your penis and gives you a larger, stronger erection with regular use. Regain your confidence back and make you harder and long-lasting. Give both of you and your lover a wonderful sexual experience.
Make a difference for your penis to be long-lasting and harder after using it for couple weeks by its powerful suction.
Why you need use this penis pump - Reasons
Men who have removed prostate and missing strong long erections
Men who wish to enlarge penis length and girth permanetly
Men who suffer from strong erection and wish to work-out the penis in order to keep it in shape
•Men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Working out frequently your penis, prevents men from premature ejaculation. Keep your penis in shape and ready
Five (5) Suction Intensities
Maintain pressure for 10 minutes at a time for maximum effect. The soft sleeve forms a perfectly tight seal against the skin and creates a powerful vacuum inside the chamber.
Due to the unique design of our vacuum penis pump, it can provide 5 suction intensities. Enable you to choose a proper level according to your specific needs. With regular use, this pump actually contributes to penis health.
It charges by USB cable,so don't worry about any battery issues. It's universally chargeable with a phone charger or computer. Charging indicator: red LED light flash
Fully charged indicator: red light stay
How to Use
1. Fit the silicone sleeve to the opening of the cylinder, smear water based luber over the sleeve and your penis
2. Slowly insert your penis (when not erected) into the device and atart your training.
3. Choose a proper pressure level for better training effect. Stop and check your penis after fully inserting.

Do not over- pump. Over pumping may cause serious damage to your penis. Keep it always to the tollerance point. Recomended to use water-based lube only. If the intimate area is shaved, user will get easier processing.
Make Your Pleasure
Allows you to customize your own pressure so you can choose your own level of satisfaction. With regular use, this toy actually contributes to penis health.
Penis pump is that it can be used along with Penis Enlargement pills and creams or other treatments without any additional risk like the Pussy sleeve accessory.
• TOTAL LENGTH- 29 CM (11,6")
• ENTRY DIAMETER- 6,8 CM (2,7")
• USB RECHARGEABLE - cable included

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