Unisex Twins Anal Balls Purple

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Two anal weighted eggs on a pull out cord string. Lube them up and insert them into the anus. Let's take it to the next anal pleasure level with the Lybaile Twins Anal Balls. Why do so many people enjoy anal stimulation? Consider the "neighbourhood" that part of the body is in.

Next door are your genitals, along with the nerve endings and shared pelvic floor muscles that help make sex so enjoyable. So with these beautiful purple anal beads, lubrication, and care, it's possible to play at the "back door" in a fun, safe way. Solo or with a partner, always give yourself enough time to get started and to clean up.

1) After each use, please wash off with mild soap and let dry before storing it
2) Combine only with water-based lubricants

- Total length: 20 cm
- Ball's diameter: 3,4 cm
- Ball's length: 5,5 cm
- Waterproof: Yes
- Material: ABS
- Color: Dark purple
- Weight: 71 grams

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