Triple Anal Weighted Eggs with Pull Out Cord

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Triple Anal weighted Eggs with pull out Cord. Let's dip these three eggs into the anus. Make your wildest anal dreams come true with this set of three (3) weighted, velvety-smooth surface gets so slick with lube for easy backdoor entry. So, if you, or if you and your partner have been fooling around back there, then these babies are the clear choise for your fantasy.

1) After each use, please wash off with mild soap and let dry before storing it
2) Combine only with water-based lubricants

- Total length: 20 cm
- Diameter: 3,4 cm
- Length of the ball: 5,5 cm
- Waterproof: Yes
- Material: ABS
- Color: Dark purple
- Weight: 110 grams

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