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TOYBOY STAY HARD SERIES BLACK PIRATE is a set of 3 silicone stretchy designed penis rings with a design of skulls in a pirate style for an extra experience.
A penis ring, or cockring, is a classic, popular and easy-to-use product that can be used alone or together with a partner - and can provide us with a variety of benefits.
- Small RING : Ø 3.15 CM
- Medium RING: Ø 3.65 CM
- Large RING : Ø 4.1 CM
A penis ring is basically a rubber band that can be worn around the penis to restrict blood flow to your organ.
Which actually makes it possible to intensify the pleasure, strengthen the erection, delay ejaculation, or just highlight your package in an impressive way.
Some will choose to wear the rings because of difficulties in maintaining an erection, and on the other hand some will wear them for fun and enjoyment, or for aesthetic reasons.
BLACK PIRATE are actually a set of 3 designed penis rings, each a different size, that will allow you to explore, enjoy and combine them in a way that is most suitable and comfortable for you.
On the base of the organ? Separate the testicles? Or maybe all together? The RED PIRATE ring set allows you to explore and enjoy.
This is the ultimate set if you like to make interesting combinations, or if you are just starting out in the world of cocking and are not sure what type of pressure you like or what size is best.
The rings in the BLACK PIRATE set are made of pleasant, caressing and body-friendly silicone. And they are very flexible, stretch easily and fit perfectly on your member.

Inner diameter of the rings before stretching:
- Small : Ø 3.15 CM
- Medium: Ø 3.65 CM
- Large : Ø 4.1 CM
The rings are elastic and stretch very easily up to a diameter of 70 mm.
Features and characteristics:
• 3 rings of different size options
• Extremely flexible
• Strengthens the erection
• Made of high-quality, body-safe silicone
• Friendly to use
• Very easy to clean
• water proof

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