TOYBOY MAX BUNNY double loop vibrating ring

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Two loops to double the fun and double the pleasure by MR. MAX BUNNY! Designed to please both partners in bed! Made with high grade soft and super stretchy silicone. One size and easy to fit on. Vibration comes from a removable - detouchable tiny bullet.
TOYBOY MAX BUNNY has got 2 uses
1) When the ring sits at the base of the penis, it intensifies the pleasure, strengthens the erection and delays the man's ejaculation.
2) The second - in the upper part there is a small vibrator with a powerful vibration that sticks out above the borders of the ring, with 2 tiny and flexible rabbit ears, and a wonderful dot texture - so that during penetration, friction is created in the woman's clitoris for added stimulation and pleasure from vibration.
3) Please see illustriaded product photos and see the useage options and ideas
MAX BUNNY ring gives a man's organ the ability to vibrate, so that in practice you are bringing into your bedroom a toy whose presence is almost imperceptible, non-threatening, and vice versa - adding new thrills to the marital experience!
The ring has 2 separate loops, one for the base of the organ and the other for separating the testicles, so it hugs the area securely and allows for maximum stability during use.
MAX BUNNY is easy to operate with one button, and is made of high-quality medical silicone, cuddly and very pleasant to the touch.
The rings are elastic and stretch very easily up to a diameter of 7 cm.
With the help of MAX BUNNY you can go on erotic journeys of marital exploration, intensify intimacy and get to know new and playful sides to your relationship.
Of course, as with any sex toy, this time too we recommend a water-based lubricant that will make the entire use smooth, fun and magical.
- MAX BUNNY is NOT waterproof but just splush proof
- Always remove batteries after each use. Unessecary stay, will dramatically reduce the life cycle of the batteries
- Always combane with water-based lubricants
Features and characteristics:
- Double vibration ring
- Rabbit ears and added texture for clitoral stimulation
- Suitable for double use
- Removable and extremely powerful motor
- Uniform vibration rhythm
- Extremely flexible rings
- Made of high-quality, body-safe silicone
- Friendly to use
- Very easy to clean
- It's NOT waterproof but just splush proof
- Quiet
- Operating time 20 minutes
- Comes with 2 sets of batteries
- Overall length 8,5 cm
- Diameter/width 3,6 cm large ring
- weight (gram) 23
- material / silicone
- Water resistance Resistant to light splashes
- Battery type- A76 batteries
- Number of batteries/ 3 PIECES

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