Sweet Ass Masturbator

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Boys here it is now available in Cyprus and Greece. The perfect asshole to fuck anytime anyplace is here! All your dreams have finally come true packed in a discreet black flashlight cup! What more could you possibly ask than an ass masturbator in a beer can. Pop the top up and get ready to rock with the ultimate handheld masturbator! The super-soft Fanta flesh inside feel is just like the real thing, only better. The warm, lifelike material wraps tight around your cock, while the interior is lined, with 10 pleasure pearls for added sensations. Never mind those masturbators that leaves you wanting more.
Give it to her from behind! Her juicy ass is dying to be spanked with the kinky spanking hand and her tight pussy is craving some cock!
Product Dimensions
• Length = 9 cm
• Height = 24 cm
Very discreet and not easy to understand what this black plastic bottle - can is all about. Easy to curry around without to be noticed.

• Combine only with good quality water-based lubricant. Any other type of lubrication may harm your sex toy.
• Easy to wash off - Simply, remove the sleeve from the cup and wash it off with luke warm water. let it try before you place it back to "flashlight cup"
• Maintenance - Every 3-4 uses, use a stash powder to refresh the the sleeve.

TPR. Material made is of soft thermoplastic material. Soft and easy to clean.

Attention Please:
This device is exclusively design for individual use. Please be careful to keep it clean before and after use. When washing it, keep circuit part away from water to avoid any electric fault.
Keep silicone cover away from dirty matter like ink. Before storage, remove battery and reposition back to its normal site respectively in packing box for future use.
Please always remember to remove batteries after use.

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