Small Anal Expander Manual Inflatable Butt Plug 10 cm

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Naughty Toys Small ergonomical Anal Expander Manual Inflatable Butt Plug 10 X Ø 3 cm. Prepare the anus before each and every anal sex. First, lube up the plug and then insert it steadily into the anus. Now, you can slowly inflate it to the point you never experience before. Keep it for 1-2 minutes and deflate. Repeat the process for 2-3 times till the anus muscles relax. One the anus muscles relax, then you can enjoy deep anal like never before.
Ideal for both genders.

[MATERIAL] latex - not to be used by persons who suffer with sensitive skin or allergies , non-toxic, odourless, safe to skin, long-lived.

This impressive plug, expands inside the anus, providing a full feeling with an incredible stretch. Safely explore and train for larger sizes with more length and girth. You can quickly deflate by turn valve counterclockwise.

[SMOOTH] The narrow head is allow for a comfortable, easy glide and no discomfort due to the natural contours and soft silky material, ergonomically angled to hit your elusive pleasure zone with ease allow.

[100% WATERPROOF & WASHABLE] Special waterproof design let you can enjoy the freedom of using it in the bath, shower, whirlpool or anywhere you want, giving you more sexual pleasure, you will reach orgasm more easily.

[PULP] Manual Sphygmomanometer Latex/Pvc ball air inflatable bulb with metal valve use for blood pressure cuff or pressure infusion bag.

- DIAMETER ( when not inflated)- Ø 3 cm
- DIAMETER ( when fully inflated)- Ø up to 8 cm
- Hand pump- Yes
- Material- Latex

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