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Introducing the GET BIGGER® SLIDER Extender - a safe, easy-to-use penis extender that will actually work! The science is quite simple: when tension is applied, over time, the body elongates to accommodate the tension. We've taken that science and made a product that is as comfortable as it is effective. It's also discreet - feel free to wear it under ordinary clothes throughout the day!

The Basic kit includes everything you need from your first session to your hundredth - Base with rods, 2x 1.25" extension rods, 2x 1.75" extension rods, one cradle, and the silicone tube with foam cushion securing device.

The Hybrid kit includes everything from the BASIC kit, AND the wide silicone Strap with extra-wide silicone cushion - for the ultimate in comfort.

The Hybrid DELUXE kit includes the BASIC kit plus 2x of the silicone rods with foam padding , AND 2x of the wide silicone Straps with extra-wide silicone cushions.
Beginners and experts should consider this extender. The length is fully adjustable, and setup is a breeze. No frustrating maintenance required! The solution is right here!

- Penis Pumps can't be worn in public, but an Extender can!
- Penis Extender with fully-adjustable tension via threaded rods
- Safe and easy to use, penis pumps can't be compared to the versatility and effectiveness of an Extender!
- Fully adjustable, easily increase tension
- Great for beginners and experts with its upgradable design

How do Extenders work?

Although penis extenders are a relatively new invention, the scientific principle behind cell growth has been known for thousands of years. The human body is designed to adapt to its environment and cells will naturally duplicate if they feel the need. Light, gradual stretching provides enough stimuli for the cells within the penis to duplicate over and over until a comfortable, equilibrium-like length has been achieved.
Extreme cell duplication techniques can be seen among the "giraffe women" of the Paduang tribe in Burma, who use rows of rings to elongate their necks. On a much simpler, safer level, our penis extender works in a similar way.

Are extenders better than other penis enlargement options?

Penis extenders provide a combination of safety and effectiveness that no other method can match. Penis surgery is effective but very dangerous (and expensive!). Weights can cause permanent tissue damage and the results of pumps are almost always temporary. Penis enlargement pills are safe -- but, unfortunately, no pill can increase your size, although they can be taken as a supplement to your regular extension routine.
Additionally, penis extenders underwent broad medical testing and were clinically proven to be safe and effective. This cannot always be said for other enlargement options.

What gains should I expect?

In order to increase your girth and length, you must wear the extender for 4-8 hours a day. The typical gain in length can be 1-1.5 inches (2.5 -3.5 cm) in the first three months. If you continue to perform stretching exercises for three more months, you can expect to gain 0.5-1 more inches (1-2.5 cm) . The total exercising period is usually three or six months total depending on how quickly you achieve your size goal. After that, you will no longer have to wear the extender to maintain your new size - yes, the gains can be permanent.

Why select the New GET BIGGER® SLIDER Penis Extender?

Most Penis Extenders in the market are Spring-loaded Style. Before you put the Extender on, you have to pre-configure the tension using the fixed length bars which makes configuring and adjustment much more inconvenient. With the GET BIGGER® SLIDER Extender, you will be able to adjust the adjustable Tension nuts up and down while you are wearing it which makes for easy and very convenient adjustments.


1) You simply place your penis thru the base ring and rest your penis onto the cradle head, then using either the silicone rod, or strap to hold your penis onto the cradle head. The black silicone cushion for the tubing can be shortened to fit if it is too long.
2) Once the penis is in place, secure it tightly onto the cradle, then simply rotate the adjustable thumb tension nuts to either increase or decrease the tension. The goal is for there to be a slight amount of tension on the penis at all times.
3) If you need more bars, you can simply add them while you are wearing the GET BIGGER® SLIDER Extender which is something that you can't do with the Spring-loaded extender.
DO NOT USE for more than four hours per day for the first month and at the beginning this should be divided into four shorter sessions of about 1 hour each. When you get more accustomed to it you can wear it up to 6 hours per day, but remember to take a 1 to 2 hour breaks between sessions of about 1 to a maximum of 2 hours each.

Every item is 100% brand new, in original manufacturer-sealed packaging.

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