SKYN King Size Condoms 10 pcs

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Lots of pleasure that's safe! Condoms for an extremely sensitive feeling. The body warmth feels more intense thanks to this new material. Sensoprene (polysoprene) is latex-free and odourless – perfect for people with a latex allergy and people who are sensitive to latex.

"Manix SKYN King Size" are transparent, covered in lubricant, 19 cm long (18 cm is the usual length), have a nominal width of 5.6 cm (5.2 cm is the usual nominal width) and they are 0.0065 cm thick. Vegan: this product contains no ingredients of animal origin and is therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians

Specifications and characteristics:

-Extra large condoms
-Latex-free and vegan – made out of polyisoprene
-Transparent, lubricated, teat-ended
-Extremely thin for a uniquely gentle and realistic feeling
-Pack of 10

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