Shunga Divine Oral Pleasure Lip Gloss - Coconut

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Discover the art of oral pleasure with this intimate oral lip gloss. The gloss is desgined to have a warming and cooling effect which enhances sensitivity for both men and women. A truly erotic adventure, this is definitely a spice you wont want to miss.

Apply the gloss to your or your lover’s lips and experience the joy of giving or receiving the divine sensations of oral pleasure. The warming-cooling effect of the gloss is designed to sensitize and excite both the male and female intimate areas while maintaining the sensations level to the edge of an orgasmic peak… An unforgettable erotic experience… Sure to make you ask for more!


    Intensifies oral pleasure
    Increases sensitivity to the intimate areas
    3-in-1 warming, cooling and tingling effect
    formulated for both men and women
    Can also be used as an enhancer in sexual intercourse

Whether you're planning a private affair or a public event, these products get people talking! At Love and Pride, the SHUNGA collection is the most passionate and tasty dessert menu we've seen in a long time...enjoy alone or share with someone special - we hope you love SHUNGA as much as we do.

Weight - 10 ml

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