Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Kegel Balls WHITE 3-PIECE SET

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Let's welcome to Cyprus and Greece the most versatile, genious design, 3 piece weighted Kegel balls in the world, the Satisfyer Yoni Power 1 Kegel Balls in WHITE color option!
In time and with age, pelvic muscles get weak and loose. This results to many things and one of them is the loss of vaginal tightness which leads to sexual pleasure loss!
With the Satisfyer Yoni Power 1, it only takes 15 minutes a day to train your pelvic floor muscles! The focus is entirely on the size of the balls: You start with the largest (3 cm, 74 g) and can slowly increase to the medium (2.5 cm, 46 g) to the smallest ball (2 cm, 22 g) - the better your pelvic floor is trained, the easier it will be for you to hold the ball with the smallest circumference.
Regular training can not only give you sensational climaxes, but also strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth or help you prevent bladder weakness. And your sweetheart will also love it, because your strengthened muscles will enclose his member more tightly during lovemaking, ensuring an especially pleasurable time.

Diameter & weight:
-LARGE-Ø 3 cm, 74 gr
-MEDIUM-Ø 2.5 cm, 46 gr
-SMALL-Ø 2 cm, 22 gr
"Yoni Power 1" & "Yoni Power 2"
We offten get asked by customers to explain the differences between "Yoni Power 1" & "Yoni Power 2" - Well, "Yoni Power 1" has a rounded shape and is available in white and red," added the rep. "Yoni Power 2" has a similar egg shape with a slightly pointed tip and is available in black, light green and light blue."

PELVIC FLOOR TRAINING - Wearing the Yoni Power Kegel Balls for just 15 minutes a day can not only give you more intense orgasms, but also strengthen your pelvic floor after giving birth, or help prevent bladder weakness.
3-PIECE SET - Start with the largest ball (3cm, 74g), slowly increase to the medium ball (2.5cm, 46g) and eventually, the smallest ball (2cm, 22g) - the better the pelvic floor is trained, the easier it will be for you to hold the smallest ball.
RETRIEVAL STRAPS - Each of the 3 balls in the set is made with a convenient retrieval strap on the end, providing extra safety.
MADE FROM MEDICAL-GRADE SILICONE - The use of medical-grade silicone makes these balls easy to insert and its silky smooth texture feels pleasant against the skin.
EASY TO CLEAN - The silicone material provides a non-porous surface, eliminating the accumulation of bacteria and making these balls extremely hygienic and easy to clean.
Various Weights
The variety of weights mean you can gradually increase the weight of your Ben Wa balls during pelvic floor training. Just a few minutes of daily training is enough.
Body-Friendly Silicone
The sexual wellness device is made of body-friendly, soft silicone that is extremely hygienic and quickly adjusts to your body heat. The supple material is especially durable and easy to clean.
Practical Removal Strap
The practical strap for removing the balls allows you to easily insert and remove your device - so you're always in control and can enjoy yourself carefree.

- Quick Start Guide
- Color-White

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