Quick Silver SKULL Amyl Nitrite 25 ML


Sale price€19,00


The Quick silver Skull is a new ultra strong poppers, 100% amyl, in a superb and original bottle. This silver "skull" bottle is a FUNLINE European exclusivity.
With its child resistant cap, the bottle is completely no leaks.
This poppers will give you new sensations, and will offer you never before equaled impulses

- Immediate effect
- More powerful euphoric sensations
- Vertiginous euphoria
- Performance increase
- Amplification of orgasmic sensations

The packaging of poppers in round or square bottles has not changed since many years;
The packaging in silver "skull" bottle is part of a more modern approach, younger, more fun, and makes a superb gift idea.

- Composition: amyl nitrite
- 25 ml bottles

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