Purple Small spiral Aluminium Anal Plug with crystal white jewel

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Small (7 cm) Purple Aluminum Alloy Anal Plug with crystal sparkly diamond jewel - The ultimate Anus beauty Jewel! Very light (50gr) black alloy aluminum butt plug with a white sparkly diamond jewel at the low bottom tap.
Literally and figuratively a jewel!
Thanks to the colourful decoration stone the look on this aluminum buttplug becomes very classy!
The buttplugs has been finished gorgeously, and with the shape you are guaranteed a delightful anal sensation! Important

Product features and Characteristics:
• Weight- 50 gr - the lightest metallic butt plug in the world
• Body Safe-Yes! 100% safe to human body
• Color- Purple (main core) / Crystal white Jewel
• Diameter-3 cm (30mm)
• Length- 7 cm (70mm)
• Material- Aluminium Alloy
• Combine with water-based lubricants
• Clean it with soap and water - please do not apply any chemicals on it

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