Pretty love Remote controlled E-Stim Vibe Bullets

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Let's take your fetish bondage game to the next level with this amazing Pretty love Remote controlled electro stimulation vibrating bullets. Indulge in the new way to strengthen your orgasm muscles with the 3 function electro and 7 fuction vibrating exerciser bullet and egg. The pads along the smooth, silicone egg are strategically placed to tone and tighten your vaginal walls. Gradually build your orgasm as you progress through the seven vibration functions and 3 e-stim functions. With its two-button design, the ergonomic controller is easy to use while the egg provides ease of mind during use. Take your orgasms to the next level as you introduce e-stim into your bedroom. Start off slow as the tingles build within until you can gradually increase the strength. With the easy, single-click on/off button there needn't be any worry and is perfect for beginners in electro stimulation!
- EGG's total length - 6,5 cm
- EGG's diameter / Ø 2,6 cm
- Bullets total length - 7,8 cm
- Bullets diameter/ Ø 1,8 cm
- Functionality - 3 electro and 7 vibration functions

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