Pretty Love Drake inflatable Anal plug SMALL 6 x Ø 2.5 cm

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Experience the ultimate in anal pleasure with the smallest 6 x Ø 2,5 cm inflatable, Platinum grade super soft Silicone, 3-in-1 butt plug. So, inflate and detach it and leave it in for as long as you desire - Yes, once you inflate the plug, you can unpinn and detach it from the rest (see photos). Anus opener Butt plug. Prepare the anus for the real thing. Lube the Anus up and then lube the plug with water-based lubricant. Insert the plug into the anus. Now, you can start to inflate plug and prepare the anus for the real thing.
Ok, let's see what the manufacturer says
Indulge in the filling sensation as you use the pump to gently inflate the plug inside you. Insert before inflating and once in position, pump your way to incredible anal satisfaction. Be taken to an incredible climax with this sensational anal toy. To remove the plug, quickly deflate it using the pressure release valve attached to the pump. The base and even distribution of air ensures a safe, comfortable experience and gives you total peace of mind while it is in. Added to that, the safety pressure valve allows for a quick and easy deflation and retrieval once you have had your fill of anal fun.
No matter using alone or together, this anal vibe is a highly versatile toy, perfect to integrate into your sex fantasies. For both genders to please the hole! Don't forget to lube it up - It will feel almost like you never experience anal sex before!
- Combine only with water based lubricants. Any other type of lubricants may harm the toy.
- Wash off with mild, non-chemical, soap.
- Use our disinfectant spray to keep your toy clean (CLICK HERE TO SEE THE PRODUCT)
- Never use alcohol or chemicals to clean and disinfect
- Insertable length / 6 cm
- Diameter/ Ø 2,5 cm and becomes Ø 5,5 cm when fully inflated
- Shaft's total length/10 cm
- Hand grip bamp pup / 65 cm long tube
- Function: Inflatable/ anal opener/ Butt plug
- Material: Platinum grade super soft Silicone
- Color Black

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