Pretty Love Backie Silicone Rechargeable Prostate Massager

Pretty LoveSKU: 695953231671

Sale price€49,00


Luxury vibrating massager designed to massage the prostate and perineum simultaneously for incredible result. The ergonomically designed toy with two curved shafts. the longer side massage the P-spot internaly and the shorter side stimulate the sensitive perineum. Thanks to the well designed shape the toy will stay securely in place, leaving your hands free.

Key Features:

  • 30 vibrating modes
  • Length: 125 mm * 115
  • Diameter: 35 mm
  • Material: smooth, velvety silicone
  • Rechargeable - USB cable
  • Waterproof
  • Color: Black

Note: Use the product only with water based lubricant! Contact with oils, creams, silicone based lubricant may cause irrecersible damage on the toy.

How to clean: Carefully clean the toy before first use and after each use with warm water and mild soap.
The cleaner especially suited for cleaning erotic toys.

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