Please Me Erotic Game

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Time to play and time to please! Erotic game to explore your fantasies. Would you like to take the lead or being subjected? Which one you prefer?

Included: blindfold that doubles as a bondage ribbon, a feather for tickling, and last but not least, a set of handcuffs, will indulge your senses in a playful and imaginative way. You never know what will happen next with this surprising game. How does it feel to be pleasured when you are tied up and unable to move? How much pleasure can you get from being tickled with a feather in the most sensitive spots on your body when you can?t see a thing?

Have you ever experienced what it's like to almost reach orgasm, but not quite? When you are tied up, your only option is to resign yourself to it and hope that your partner will soon. Your senses are sure to be heightened to the max, especially when you use the various attributes, such as the mask, bondage rope, or adjustable nipple clamps.


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