Obsessive Sexy Perfume with Pheromones for Her 30ml

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Perfume with pheromones is a secret seduction weapon for women! Pheromone is a chemical that we produce that changes the behavior of the other person. So-called "chemical communication". Apply a little perfume with pheromones on your wrist or behind your ear and enjoy not only the wonderful scent, but also the attention of men! Obsessive Sexy pheromones is an oriental-woody perfume with a charming note of Moroccan jasmine. Guess what? He'll beg you to do it again and again!

Sexy Details:
Charming and very feminine perfume
Beautiful scent enriched with pheromones
Sensual, oriental-woody fragrance - exciting addition to your sexy lingerie
Tangerine and citrus fruits
White flowers and Moroccan jasmine
Cashmere wood and white ambergris
Elegant bottle with crystal-shaped top - cute, red bow
Perfume packed in a lovely box
Volume: 30 ml

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