Naughty Toys Flogger Whip with Metal Chain Tails 55CM

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Naughty Toys Bdsm fetish flogger whip with metal tassels chain tails and Rhinestone Leather Handle. Let's take BDSM role playing game to the next level, with this amazing SM Flogger whip with 15 chain type tails.

Silver Metal Tassels Chain Rhinestone Leather Handle Whip Flogger for amazing Bondage fantasies. Handle grip is embraced with crystal "Swarovski style" jewels. It can be used either by beginners for soft touch play or advanced for hardcore play.


  • Total length- 55 cm
  • Handles length- 15 cm
  • Tails length-35 cm
  • Number of tails- 15
  • Tails- Metal chains ( see photos)
  • Material- Synthetic leather handle

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