Naughty Toys Cat 12 cotton tails Red Flogger Whip 50cm

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Magnificent Begginers soft fetish play flogger whip with 12 red soft cotton tails and leather stripes handle by Naughty Toys. This entry level BDSM Flogger will defenetly amplify your Fetish intimate moments. Explore 50 shades of your dominant or submissive side with this Deluxe Naughty Toys Cat O'Nine tails and your lover will know who is in charge. It Hurts and it feels so Good!
A sturdy, precise handle is wrapped in gorgeously soft leather, it fits perfectly in hand and provides a wonderfully precise grip thanks to the nice long length coupled with a sturdy wrist cord. The long, swishy tail is made up of nine thin strips of leather with more than enough
length for enthusiastic flicking, teasing and whipping.

- Number of tails- 12
- Material- Cotton tails & Vinyl Pu Leather handle
- Length Total- 50 cm
- Handle's length- 15 cm
- Handle's diameter 2,5 cm
- Color-Sexy Red
Manufacturer- Naughty Toys

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