Mystim Thin Finn Dilator

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When Thin Finn does his vanishing trick, you’ll be the first to notice. With its snappy and light body, the urethral dilator takes the entire sensation range of electrostimulation to excitingly unusual places. Its gently rounded tips and seamless smooth transition between the poles not only gives it a stylish appearance, but also make it easy to insert into the urethra - with a little practice (and lubricant). And as soon as Thin Finn is in place, he combines the bittersweet stretch from the inside with the endless teasing of the impulses into a unique composition.

  • Smooth urethral sounds for an intensive e-stimulation of the penis.
  • The 8 mm slim tool is easy to insert into the urethra
  • Stylish appearance thanks to gently rounded tips
  • Made of medical aluminium and carefully polished by hand to a smooth finish.
  • Can be heated on the heating or cooled in the refrigerator before use

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