Mystim Pubic Enemy No 1 - Silver Edition


Sale price€139,00


Your days of sexual liberty are over. The Pubic Enemy No1 will make sure, it’ll be noticeably restricted. Insubordinate rascals can be caught and locked away in this neat cock cage with e-stim function. It can only become hard when one takes pity on opening the restricting protective armor.

Well, do you match the famous 20cm? Don’t worry - Pubic Enemy No 1 most certainly will fit your member, as well. The length can be individually adjusted in four steps and the diameter of the clamp can be fixed to six different sizes. No need to puss out just now.

  • Beautiful cock cage with e-stim function
  • Can be used without e-stim thanks to the removable conductive surfaces
  • Plastic body with 100 % medical silicone conductive surfaces
  • Length and diameter individually adjustable
  • Comes in an elegant hard-shell case

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