Mr Play inflatable Silicone Anal Plug 13 cm

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Find your anus limits with this amazing black inflatable butt plug with a smooth surface which will make effortless and painless penetration into the anus. The easiest anal preparation ever.
Before anything, please lube up the butt plug with water based or hybrid lubricant only. After insertion, carefully use the hand pump to inflate the butt plug. There is a pressure relief button on the hand pump, the air exits the butt plug when you open it.
Experience the ultimate in anal pleasure with the Black inflatable butt plug. Indulge in the filling sensation as you use the pump to gently inflate the plug inside you. Be taken to an incredible climax with this sensational anal toy. To remove the plug, quickly deflate it using the pressure release valve attached to the pump. Please do not inflate the toy before it's inserted. The air automatically distributes itself evenly across the plug after being inserted (not before).
Pay attention!
Do not inflate the butt plug before insertion. Use only water based or hybrid lubricants
- Total length- 13 cm
- From Ø 3.8 cm. (up to max) Ø 8 cm wide
- Made of silicone material

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