Male Cobeco Get Hard Cream Sachets 6x4ml

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Impotence is not a word a man likes to hear, but you don’t have to suffer with it. Men of every age are concerned with the loss of libido, especially during an act of passion. It can be easily brought on by anxiety or stress, and many medical conditions can play a part too, including blood pressure and diabetes. With so much already on your mind, it can be an extra strain to the relationship when bedroom matters don’t go to plan. Maintain your erection and feel strong again with Male Cobeco Get Hard Cream.

The exclusive ingredients in Male Cobeco Get Hard Cream help to maintain an erection for longer. The cream helps to strengthen the erection, and provides you and your partner with increased pleasure. The cream comes in 6 individual foil packs of 4 ml with easy opening; perfect to have on hand for whenever you need it. Simply massage directly onto your penis for a lasting erection.

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