Luxe Double O Kegel Balls 40 grams Purple

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Luxe Double 0 Kegel Balls 40 grams Purple - Work out and feel the tingly vibrations around your G-Spot
Two kegel balls for improved pleasure and more intense orgasms. The balls emits vibrations via body movement. Product features & characteristics
• Made of ABS material with a smooth satin finish.
• The weight of the balls is 40 grams - 1.3 Oz.
• Color-Purple
• Size- 3.3cm (1.3inch)
• Inner Diameter- 3.3cm - (1.3inch)
• 100% Body safe Phthalate free
• Ideal for women above 30 or women who have given birth
• Wash off with water and soap before and after each use

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