LARGE black silicone Anal Plug with retrieval Ring Ø 4 cm

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Large is better, right? Time to feel large anal playing? Now, you want to feel it? With this anatomical large size butt plug, since MAX is only a pleasure, right? Experience jaw-dropping anal pleasures with any one of this naughty MEDIUM Black Silicone Butt Plug! This sassy plug is soft and flexible for toe-curling penetration, with a ringed base for easy removal! Each silicone anal plug's ultra-hygienic material cleans easily, and comes with a flexible retrieval handle for 1) easy removal and 2) Prevents further insertion into the anus. It can be easily used for solo play or together with a partner.
Add few drops of water based lubricant and insert it into the anus steadily and slowly. In and out till your anuses muscles are ready for the real thing.
- Combine only with water based lubricants
-Wash off with mild soap before and after each use
- Use our sex toy disinfectant

- Material: Silicone
- Colour: Black
- Size: LARGE is better
- Total length (retrieval ring included): 15 cm
- Insertable Length: 8,5 cm (3,5")
- Maximum Diameter Ø: 4 cm (1.6")
- Packaging: Aluminium foil bag
This product is also in larger sizes such as SMALL and MEDIUM

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