King Size Balls

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Experience the orgasmic discreet internal stimulation that can only be attained by using larger than normal pleasure balls. Fabulous pair of 4.5 cm diameter pleasure balls to massage inside your vagina as you move.

These superb King Sized Balls have been manufactured in a delightful white/purple marbled and are connected via a purple cord with extraction loop (180 cm cord with retrieval loop) so you can either pull them out fast for a quick thrilling sensation or slowly of an intense thrill.

The stunning King Sized Balls are the largest massage balls ever, and can be worn for prolonged periods of pleasure when at work at home, out socialising or shopping and no one will ever know you are being stimulated as you walk.

Free of phthalates according to EU regulation REACH.

  • Material - PVC
  • Color - white/purple marbled

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