Jeweled Metal Butt Plug MEDIUM BLACK 8 cm

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Had enough with the small one? Naughty Toys medium size 8 X Ø 3.5 cm light weighted aluminium metal butt plug with black diamond Jewel will do just fine. I understand you fully, by now you must be fed up using the small butt plug you purchased few months ago? Ok, lets step up with this medium size 6 cm insertable length, polished aluminium metal Anal butt Plug with Deep Sparkling black jewel fitted on the bottom. The lightest medium size metallic buttplug in the world. High quality 100% Hard alloy polished Aluminum Butt plug Very light in weight, Butt plugs made out of 100% hard Alloy Aluminium. Please note that this Medium size Aluminium plugs are designed for a nice comfortable fit for long term wear.
Combine with any type of lubricant - preferably water-based

TIPS by Adults Boutique:
- Use any good quality water-based lubricant for easy anus insertion.
- Insert it stadily and enjoy every cm of it like never before.
- Unisex - for both genders to jewel the anus
- Wash with water and ordinary soap before use

- Weight- 95 gr
- Size / Dimentions of the butt plug
- Total Length-8 cm
- Insertable length-6 cm
-Width-Ø 3.5 cm (thickness)
-Color- Deep Sparkling black
- Material- High grade light weight hard Alloy Aluminium

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