Inflatable Ramp Wedge Love Cushion for Couples

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For amazing, relaxed sex positions inflatable cushion with handcuffs! Take your intimate moments to the next level with inflatable Ramp Wedge Love Cushion for Couples by You2Toys. Let's make sex even more comfortable and enjoyable than ever! Super captivating sex for extreme sex positions!

Sex cushion that can be inflated easily. It also includes handcuffs that can be attached to either side of the cushion. The ergonomic shape and the wonderful size of the cushion means that it's perfect for various positions. The perfect way to spice up love-making! The handcuffs can be adjusted and a therefore perfect for HIM and HER. Includes a repair set.

95 cm long, 60 cm wide, 30 to 36 cm high. PVC, metal.

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