Ice Rush 30ml


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Ice rush 30 ml is a flavored amyl nitrite to mint, in a large size aluminum sealed bottle. We've been waiting for it for a long time, the very promising Ice rush is finally available, with a brand new formula with mentholated amyl, it will make you discover all new sensations of the most delirious:
- Dizzying climb
- Increased desire
- Tenfold sensations
- Feeling of freshness and well-being

- ICE RUSH comes in an aluminum bottle. Lighter than a glass bottle, it is also unbreakable.
But above all, for festival and concert actors, anything made of glass is generally prohibited.
With this superb aluminum bottle, you can take your Poppers everywhere, even to festivals and concerts.
- ICE RUSH is an amyl, Gold Rush has been; one of the forerunners in amyl on the market; European. It’s therefore the assurance of a very strong product, but of high quality. optimal.
- ICE RUSH is flavored; to mint, which brings a real feeling of freshness. So in addition to the energy that this product provides, the touch of mint gives a little boost that takes your hair off
- ICE RUSH is a large format, 30 ml, so if you like to share your Poppers with your friends in the evening, the ICE RUSH will do many happy people

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