G-Spot Finder Sleeve Clear

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Flexible clear jelly sleeve with a firm tip and multiple stimulating nubs.
Finally, you can now, find your G-spot effortlessly. Just pull over this extreme flexible clear-jelly-cover and the exciting sex-game will begin... For solo or with partner. The idea of finding the G spot in now time still stands either way.
Product features and characteristics

  • Material- Super soft bendable Gel in clear color
  • Length- 13 cm long,
  • Inner diameter- Ø 2,5 cm ( upsolute flexible)

How to use it - different ideas
1. If you have got a classic vibrator- just put it on and immediatly your vibrator will become soft and slidly curvy at the tip-top
2. Fits both of your fingers in... Mmmmmm  Did you get me???
3. Penis extention - For some men, it can become the extra cm that they have always wished

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