Fetish Fantasy Anal Bead Whip

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A hybrid toy has arrived: Half anal beads and half flogger. Combine 2 fetishes in 1 and let yourself go. The beads have got a rubber feel for better insertion and just the right shape for anal stimulation. Indicated for users of any level. The flogger may be used for slight teasing or in a bolder way. Try it and surrender. Easily washed with water and soap. Made of very soft material, phthalate free.
Pony tail- Anal whip- Anal beads. Three in one by Fetish Fantasy. Well this is your chace to explore your dominant or submissive side with the Anal Bead Whip. One crack of the Anal Bead Whip and your lover will know who's in charge. It Hurts so Good!
Total length- 61 cm
• Material- Rubber (Phathalate free)
Manufacturer/ Designer- Fetish Fantasy Pipedream U.S.A

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