Black Velvets Silicone Douche with 4 Attachments

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Medical Silicone anal cleansing complete douche set with 4 different shape and sizes attachments by Black Velvets Germany, now available for alla Anal Lovers and enthusiasts in Cyprus. For diverse, squirting, intimate cleaning fun! Silicone douche set with 4 different attachments from Black Velvets.

Anal douche with 4 different attachments:
- Beaded attachment with 6 beads that get smaller towards the tip.
18.6 cm long, insertion length 15.8 cm, Ø 1.4 cm to 2.8 cm
- Curved attachment with a tapered ball-shaped tip
14.8 cm long, insertion length 12.2 cm, Ø 1.7 cm to 3.5 cm - Penis-shaped attachment with pronounced glans and veins 14.7 cm long, insertion length 12.8 cm, Ø 2.1 cm to 2.5 cm
- Attachment with a large ball in the middle
18.3 cm long, insertion length 15.4 cm, Ø 1.3 cm to 3.5 cm
The soft pump ball gets filled with water (capacity: 250 ml), the desired attachment (with 5 holes) gets screwed on and then the squirting
and cleaning fun can begin! All the pieces are made out of silicone with a soft touch texture that feels great against the skin.
Key Features:
• Pump ball 11.5 cm
• Material: Silicone, PU

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