Black Velvets Heavy Butt Plugs 40 gr Small

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This is a small in size but heavy in weight 40gr silicone butt plug made by the German sex toy designer Black Velvets. Flexible, super soft butt plug with a base, ideal for beginning Anal Lover! For both genders. This flexible butt plug provides intense stimulation every single centimeter of the way. Its velvety soft material and cone shape mean that the plug feels extremely gentle against the skin when it's being inserted! Yes, it has got a base so that it can be worn all day long. Base works like a "stopper" - doesnt let the plug to insert further more. Why heavy? What does the extra weight serve for?
To train the anus muscles - ideal for serious anal play lovers who wish to keep the anus always in top shape. This is the only way to keep Anus ready for action!
CYPRUS SEX SHOP TIP - Combine only with water-based lubricants. Anything else can harm the product.

Key Features:
• Made out of velvety soft material
• The plug is in a cone shape for extremely gentle insertion
• Color: Black
• Complete length 7.8 cm, Ø 1.1-2.7 cm
• Weight 40 g
• Silicone with a PU coating, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH
German design by Black Velvets

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