Bigger Man Plus Ass 9.5''

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Realistic Cyberskin super soft Cock with asshole in the back. You've always dreamt of going bareback on a tight ass while you stroke a hard cock, so what are you waiting for? This handheld masturbator has a pair of perfectly round ass cheeks connected to a thick 24cm (9.5") cock! This bad boy will let you fuck his bubble butt while you reach around and jack him off!

Slap his big round ass and listen to the whack–it sounds and feels just like a real ass! Spread his chiseled cheeks, ram his tight little asshole, and fill him with every inch of your thick cock! The super-soft TPE CyperSkin Flesh wraps around your cock and clings to every inch of your pleasure rod with each stroke. Spread his cheeks, suck his cock, then blow a fat load deep inside and don't worry about a thing! 

This doggy style stroker is made for hard core ass f-cking! Stick your dick inside her tight little butt hole and enjoy the lifelike feel of velvety soft TPR wrapping around your dick! Smack her cute cheeks while you penetrate her snug holes, then cum inside her! She never says no to a cock in her ass and she loves to play rough.

As always use plenty of water-based Lube for an extra wet encounter and CyprusSexShop Toy Cleaner for quick and easy cleanup!

- Total length: approx. 24 cm
- Insertable max length- 15 cm
- Material: CyberSkin Flesh (TPE)

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