Bathmate Shower Strap Accessory

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Strap your bathmate pump and work out your penis effortlessly. The Bathmate Shower Strap was engineered with the shower user in mind, making it easy and comfortable to use with any Bathmate pumps in the shower. Hands free penis development in the shower now!
Strap the Pump on you and develop your manhoods size while showering. This strap provides 100% hands and mind free penis enlargement during bath times.
How to use the Shower Strap?
Please see the video clips above. I am sure, you will find it easy.


  • Saves you time
  • 100% Adjustable- one sizes fits all
  • Leave your hands and mind free
  • Color- Black
  • Material- Nylon
  • Bodysafe-Yes
  • Waterproof-100%

Manufacturer- Bathmate U.S.A

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