Bathmate Cleaning Kit

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Complete Cleaning Kit from Bathmate - Must-to-have-by-all-Bathmate-pump-owners
The Bathmate Cleaning Kit is designed to keep your hydropump in great condition and includes everything you need for exceptional hygiene.
This kit includes
- Two soft, absorbent terry towels that each feature an embroidered Bathmate logo. You’ll also get a
- A cleaning brush handle with a perfect grip for easy use.
- Two cleaning brush heads are included and
- A carry case
Can i use this Cleaning kit with any Bathmate pump?
Absolutly yes! You can use this cleaning kit with any Bathmate penis enlargement system. A carry case promises easy travel and storage.

If you own any Bathmate Hydropump then, this cleaning kit is an essential must-to-have addition to your Bathmate collection.

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