Anal and vaginal lube Applicator Lubricant Launcher

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Prepare the anus or and the vagina before the real thing. Multible use applicator for both genders to lube or clean and enjoy intimate moments like never before! Use as an easy clean Enema Bulb and or as anal and vaginal lube Launcher Kit. This supery Lube Launcher allows for easy, targeted lubricant application. Remove the cap and insert the dispenser tip into lubricant and gently pull back to fill and then imply push dow to apply. Load it up and shoot it out, it is as simple as that The One Shot Lubricant Launcher is designed for one handed ease of use. With the convenient finger loops you can fill the launcher with whatever liquid you want and inject with one simple thrust. The One Shot Launcher has a cap to prevent the liquid from spilling until the time is right for application. The new XL size holds over twice the amount of lube as our original size launchers, so you can get the job done with less steps Measurements 7.5 inch overall length, 4.75 inch insertable length, 0.64 inches in diameter Material ABS Please note that no lubricant is included in the launcher. Buy lubricant seperately! - Color: Blue - Material: ABS + Silicone cap - Length: 19 CM ( 7.5") - Insertable: 12 CM (4.7") - Diameter: 0 1.2 cm Please see photos and get an idea! Precise Scale & Easy to use- This lube applicator is engraved with precise scale, which helps to apply the exact amount of the lube. No waste any more. 3 easy-grip finger rings. The extra cap prevents the lube from leaking out. Suitable for water, silicone, oil-based, water-based lubricant.

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