3 pcs Black color Silicone Beaded Butt plug set

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Set of three super anatomically shaped, silicone, beaded anal plugs for gradual anal training and or preparation of the anus before anal intercourse. Set of three anatomically shaped silicone anal plugs perfect for gradual anal training! 3-piece beaded butt plug set with a wonderful soft texture. The different sizes are perfect for gradual anal training. The plugs are extremely easy to insert because of their cone shape and they provide a very fulfilling feeling. With a large base for secure fit. They are really easy to use.
Specifications and characteristics:
Material: Silicone
Color: Black
Biggest Plug Length: 12.45 cm
Medium Plug Length: 9.4 cm
Smallest Plug Length: 8.4 cm
Biggest Plug Diameter: 3.3 cm
Medium Plug Diameter: 2.5 cm
Smallest Plug Diameter: 2.3 cm
Packaging: Packaging: Aluminium foil bag

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