Penis and Testicle harness with leash

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Penis and Testicle harness with leash by Bad Kitty
Would you like to be put on a leash your Cock and Balls? if yes, then this is the right fetish accessory by Bad Kitty Germany. Track, the slave, around by the Cock and balls with this professional bondage Cock & Balls harness with leash.
Product description
 Black in colour, penis and testicle harness on a leash.
• Complete length 43.5 cm.
• Leash including loop handle approx. 35 cm long.
• Penis and testicle harness can be adjusted individually:
• Penis strap- 2.5 cm to 6.5 cm
• Testicle strap- 3.2 to 7 cm
• Material: With press studs. Split leather, metal split leather, metal (crome-plated)
Brand- Bad Kitty Germany

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